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Counter.CO.KZ is searching for new partners who can translate the website into Spanish, German and Franch languages.
16.07.2007 y. 
New styles have been added: fee, night_style.
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Constructor of the html-code of displaying!

The web-counter's style: - Here you can type in the name of the other style you like or choose the style in our catalogue.
The URL of your web-page: - You can change the permanent URL of the web-page you would like to set the counter on
The number of digits: - You can change the number of digits of your web-counter you set before.
For example: Counter.CO.KZ - a free web-counter on any taste! - that is how the web-counter chosen by you and set on this web-page of our web-site would have looked like
The start-up number: - if necessary, you may change (increase) the origin (start-up) number of attendances of the new web-counter.

html-code of displaying the web-counter on your web-page:

In order to include the given code into the text of your web-page mark the text of the code (Ctrl+A key combination or just a triple click of the left key of the mouse), copy it (Ctrl+C combination) and insert it into the html-code of your web-site's page (Ctrl+V combination).

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