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Профессор Шафер Наум Григорьевич - филолог и музыковед, исследователь творчества и критик, композитор, публицист и коллекционер


New events, additions and refreshments of information, materials and documents:

= Sic! =  Counter.CO.KZ is searching for new partners who can translate the website into Spanish, German and Franch languages.
16.07.2007 y. New styles have been added: fee, night_style.
22.02.2007 y. website has been translated into Kazakh language.
04.05.2006 y. Software part of the has moved to new server in Germany.
27.03.2006 y. website has been translated into Ukrainian language.
25.01.2006 y. website has been translated into English.
24.01.2006 y. Software part of the has moved to new (more powerful) server in Russia.
16.11.2005 y. New styles have been added: digits, alien, blood_scratch.
16.09.2005 y. New styles have been added: tnr_b_8, ar_b_8, co_b_8. There are more than 800 variations in catalogue of styles.
13.09.2005 y. New styles have been added: pred, cur088, summer.
18.07.2005 y. New styles have been added: small_nixie, big_nixie, lhavdevil, sham_an_neon.
14.07.2005 y. Html-code constructor has been created especially for the users' demands.
13.07.2005 y. website now has new design and new sections.


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