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Counter.CO.KZ: Free web-counter on any taste!
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Counter.CO.KZ is searching for new partners who can translate the website into Spanish, German and Franch languages.
16.07.2007 y. 
New styles have been added: fee, night_style.
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Counter.CO.KZ - бесплатный счетчик посещений web-страниц на любой вкус


Welcome to!

This page has been visited Counter.CO.KZ: A free counter for any taste! times since January, 7, 2000.

Above you can see the example of a web counter's style. It is one of 808 styles, that are offered by Counter.CO.KZ for displaying the number of your pages' visitors. You don't like this style? Well, don't worry, you can see all of the styles in our catalogue and choose one of them, that is the most suitable for the design of your webpage!

About Counter.CO.KZ web-counter

It is really a free web-counter. And moreover, no special registration is necessary for fixing and using it on your web-pages.

In case you don't know what a web-counter is and what it is for, or you wish to learn more about particularities of our web-counter's work, please, check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to Them) page.

The web-counters' style collection represented on our web-site is originally based on the incomparable collection, created by Kevin Athey on Digit Mania web-site.

You can find the description of the main process of fixing counter on your web-page in the SET-UP section.

Suggesting you to use the free Counter.CO.KZ service, CO.KZ WebGroup will be very grateful to you, if you find some time to sign our Guestbook. It will be also great, if you find it possible to place our banner (88*31pix.) on your web-page: CO.KZ WebGroup

You can do it by simply adding the following html-code to your page

We will read and try to answer all of your questions, suggestions, comments, words of gratitude ;-) and pretences concerning Counter.CO.KZ with great pleasure if you tell us about them.

Attention! Terms of web-counter usage:

It is strictly prohibited to use the counter on web-sites, containing adult contents, information, forbidden by law, breaking one's rights or interest, protected by law or information, opposing inner politics of CO.KZ WebGroup in any other way!

Counter.CO.KZ administration has the right to forbid the usage of the counter at any time and without any further explanations. In spite of the fact that the counter has been running steadily and continuously since 1999, CO.KZ WebGroup doesn't guarantee the resource's work in future. CO.KZ WebGroup isn't responsible for any possible Counter.CO.KZ users' losses, connected with the counter's usage or with the refusal of such usage because of any reasons.



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