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Counter.CO.KZ: Free web-counter on any taste!
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Counter.CO.KZ - бесплатный счетчик посещений web-страниц на любой вкус


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to them.

 Q: Unfortunately, after the counter's set up it didn't start displaying, although the link to the is present. What could have I done wrong?

If you do not see the indices of the counter, it is more probably that some mistake got into the counter html-code you use.

Attentively observe your html-code, compare it with our instruction for writing it.
Pay attention to the following:

  1. In reference to the picture src="LINE", in inverted commas (in the variable LINE) THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY BLANKS or combinations as '%20'.
  2. Inside the variable LINE there should be the ampersand simbols '&', but not the combinations of the simbols '&'.

If the corrections on the points above 1) and 2) will not help you to get the counter on your page - tell us, please, the counter html-code you use in order to receive our detailed instructions.

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