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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to them.

 Q: Why didn't the number of the attendance increase after I had re-opened the web-page with the CO.KZ web-counter?

Because in our web-counter to heighten the reliability of its work some principles of preventing from so called "twisting" of the visits counter are realized.

In the Web various problems exist and they are constantly being solved and connected with work reliability of that or those calculating web-services (counters, ratings and others). The web-pages' authors have often got a desire to increase real indices of their pages to heighten their products' rating or just to show their significance.

There are a lot of various ways to gratify such desires. One of the simpliest ones, to increase the quantity of your page "real visitors", lies in the web-counters' work algorithm described in the previous answer: you should install the counter on your page then open it with your browser in the Web, do Refresh (at that, the counter's indices plus 1 unit), one more time - Refresh (again +1) and so on... This way you can "twist" a great quantity of "your page's visits"!

Most of rating systems in Internet do not allow such twisting [for twisting production there is necessary to use more complex methods ;-) ] because a deep sense of any counters and ratings is contained in their maximum possible reliability.

Counter.CO.KZ - is not a rating system and when creating it struggle aganst the twisters was not the main purpose. But we offer you a real web-counter for page visits not just a picture with figures and that is why our counter ignores sequential (within 20 minutes) visits of the same page from the same host. By this reason after having done Refresh (of the web-page into your browser) counter's indices are unchangeable.

 Q: What is a web-counter?
 Q: Unfortunately, after the counter's set up it didn't start displaying, although the link to the is present. What could have I done wrong?
 Q: I met some difficulties (or having additional questions) during the set-up of your web-counter...


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