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Counter.CO.KZ is searching for new partners who can translate the website into Spanish, German and Franch languages.
16.07.2007 y. 
New styles have been added: fee, night_style.
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Setting up the web-counter on your web-page (or each of the web-pages, if there are several of them) is really easy and it consists of two steps. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Choose the style of the counter which you consider to fit best of all your web-page, and remember or its name.
  2. Insert the code into the html-text of your web-page:

    (There have to be no spaces between the question marks and ampersands in the code)

Notes. You have to replace the marked words with the following:

  • in stead of Your_URL you are to write the URL of the page you want to set the web-counter on. All of the symbols "/", "?", "=", "&" you have to replace with "_". It's not necessary to write "http://".
    For example, if your web-page has the URL, in the code you will replace Your_URL with www.pavlodar.com_zakon_index.html

  • in stead of Your_style you are to write the name of the web-counter's style you have chosen. The whole list of the styles can be found here

  • in stead of Number_of_digits you are to write the number of digits you want to see in your web-counter

For example:
The following is the code of this page's web-counter:
<a href=""><img src=",0,0&digits=7" alt="Counter.CO.KZ - free web-counter on any taste!" border=0></a>

The only requirement for a free usage of the Counter.CO.KZ web-counter is the presence in the html-text of your web-page of all of the code's parts shown in point 2.

Innovation at! You can USE THE HTML-CODE CONSTRUCTOR in order to create the necessary code of displaying web-counter on your web-page.



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