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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to them.

 Q: What is a web-counter?

Web-counter is a program that can count how many times your website has been visited.

Usually such program is made as a so-called CGI-script and it works in a web-server, sending a person who is browsing the web-page an image of the web-counter, usually as a GIF or PNG format.

In common the algorithm of the web-counter's work is quite easy: during the installation of the web-counter (during the first set-up of a counter on a web-page) a kind of a accumulator is created on a web-server, where counter's CGI-program is running. That accumulator stores the number of attendances of this web-page. The web-page's visitor's browser asks for a picture with the number of visitors and the CGI-program increases the number of attendances stored in the accumulator during every new visit to the page. And if the visitor sees number 1013 on the picture of the web-counter, he or she can be absolutely sure that this very page has been visited 1013 times since the counter's installation.

The web-counter is created with two intentions:

  1. The owner of the web-page, where the counter is set-up can find out how often his or her page is visited.
  2. The visitor of the web-page will know how popular this page is (how often it is attended).

Above we have mentioned the web-counter's certainty level of work, and did it on purpose: that is what we are going to discuss in the next question.

 Q: Unfortunately, after the counter's set up it didn't start displaying, although the link to the is present. What could have I done wrong?
 Q: Why didn't the number of the attendance increase after I had re-opened the web-page with the CO.KZ web-counter?
 Q: I met some difficulties (or having additional questions) during the set-up of your web-counter...


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